Maintenance Programs in Dayton, Ohio

HVAC Maintenance Programs in Dayton, Ohio

At Seiter Services, we believe in preventive maintenance to keep your HVAC systems in top working order. It is a great way to make sure your equipment runs smoothly without any costly surprises all year long!

For an additional payment of $15.75 per month, we will keep a close eye on your equipment to make sure you don't get any unwanted surprises on the hottest summer day or the coldest winter night. 

Annual Heating and Cooling Package

Furnace Tune-up includes:

  • Basic Burner cleaning
  • Condensate pump inspection
  • Inspection of all safety items
  • Inspection of ducts
  • Inspection and replacement of basic filters

Air Conditioner Tune-up includes:

  • Basic Cleaning
  • Leak inspection
  • Check of gas levels
  • Check of operation and efficiency

Seiter Services will Keep Your HVAC Systems Running

To keep your heating and cooling systems in top working order, as well as your appliances, you can rely on the maintenance experts from Seiter Services LLC.

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