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Dishwasher Repair in Dayton

Learn How Dishwashers Work and How We Can Help Keep Your Dishes Clean

Although every dishwasher functions a bit differently, they all have the same essential parts that work to keep your dishes squeaky clean. If your dishes are not meeting your standards, and they are consistently coming out dirty, we understand how frustrating this can be. You might be thinking, “If I knew my dishwasher was going to be this bad, I would have just washed the dishes myself!"

The team at Seiter Services LLC understands your frustrations, and we want you to know that you are not alone in dealing with them! Dishwashers have a limited lifespan; a modern dishwasher lasts around 6-10 years. Over time, major parts of your appliance like the motor or pump can wear out. However, you don’t necessarily need to throw the whole dishwasher away just because one or two components aren’t working as they should. A typical dishwasher has the following working parts, and when you schedule an appointment with our team, we will locate the dysfunctional parts to help you put your dishwasher troubles behind you:

  • Racks and baskets

The racks and baskets are what hold your dishes in the washer. This might seem like an unimportant component, but if you are consistently having trouble loading your dishes due to rack issues, it can become quite bothersome. Sometimes, dishwasher racks fall out of the racks, the tines break off the rack, the racks become rusted, the racks roll forward when the door opens, or the racks become stiff in the tracks. If you have attempted to fix these problems and are tired of dealing with them, we might recommend purchasing new racks. We can give our best rack recommendations, perform an installation, and make sure your dishwasher is functioning properly in all the other ways. Fortunately, while problems with racks and baskets can be quite irritating, they are usually a simple fix.

  • Drains, valves, and safety mechanisms

The drain hose of your dishwasher empties into the garbage disposal drain. If the disposal unit contains underground food, or if food sludge settles in the drainpipe underneath the disposal, your dishwasher might not be able to drain properly.

There are also different valves in your dishwasher that serve different purposes. The regeneration valve tracks water usage and puts the softener into “regeneration mode” after a certain level of water has been processed through the softener. If this valve is damaged, you might find that water flows back into the dishwasher after the pump stops.

Your dishwasher also has a variety of safety features. For example, the cut-off feature turns off the power from the dishwasher, which prevents it from overheating. If your dishwasher is overflowing or overheating, you might have an issue with your drains, valves, or safety mechanisms. Our team will get to the bottom of these issues and get your dishwasher functioning at peak level once again.

  • Cleaning solutions

Because the main job of a dishwasher is to clean, it makes sense that certain parts of the machine would be dedicated solely to this part of the process. For example, the detergent dispenser door holds detergent solution and dispenses it during the cycle. The rinse aid dispenser circulates softener during the rinse cycle. If your dishwasher is not dispensing detergent, an issue with your cleaning solutions might be the cause. Dishwasher cleaning solutions are prone to broken latches, broken springs, warped dispenser doors, a worn-out dispenser gasket, a worn-out wax motor, or a loose rinse aid cap. Seiter Services LLC will help resolve your dispensing issues and get the detergent circulating through the machine as it should.

  • Pumps

Every dishwasher has at least one pump that removes water. Most modern dishwashers have two pumps -- one that pumps water to the dishes and another that drains water from the dishwasher. A reversible pump switches from delivering water into the spray arms to reversing the motor’s direction to drain water. A direct drive pump, on the other hand, operates in one direction. The flow direction switches through a solenoid that opens and closes the proper valves. If you hear a loud buzzing or squealing noise coming from the dishwasher, or your dishwasher is failing to pump water and clear the drain path, we will need to replace or repair your pump. This process might sound intimidating, but you can relax while our team makes your pump run as smoothly as possible.

  • Washing mechanisms

Many modern dishwashers use two or three spray arms. Some machines have exposed elements at the base of the machine, while others do not. A typical washing mechanism has a wash tube that directs water from the bottom of the dishwasher to the top. Some washers also have a tube connected to the top rack that connects to a water source at the back of the dishwasher. In addition to water flow, a dishwasher also needs heating elements to regulate temperature, a macerator to shred small food particles, and a thermostat.

If your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes or is not regulating heat properly, you might have an issue with one of your washing mechanisms. While these problems can be a bit more complicated than the others as they are integral to the job of the machine, they are still no match for the experience and tenacity of our team. If you are having dishwasher troubles and are not sure what to do next, let Seiter Services LLC take care of it. We will handle the dirty work, so all you will have to do is get back to enjoying the convenience of clean dishes.

If you need your dishwasher repaired in Dayton, look no further than Seiter Services LLC! Give us a call at (937) 507-3372 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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