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Dryer Repair in Dayton

Troubleshooting Dryer Issues and Helping You Enjoy Warm, Dry Laundry Again

There’s nothing like the feeling of pulling warm, fluffy, freshly dried linens out of the dryer. When you go into your laundry room expecting to be greeted by warm laundry, only to find your laundry consistently damp, you might have some dryer issues on your hands.

While these problems can be frustrating, you are definitely not alone if you are dealing with them. A survey from Consumer Reports found that 20% of all newly purchased dryers are likely to develop problems or break within the first five years. At Seiter Services LLC, our team is here to put a stop to these problems and get your dryer running like new again. These are some of the most common dryer issues we help out customers resolve:

  • The dryer simply will not start.

If your dryer will not start, a faulty door switch, start switch, or control problems might be to blame. Another potential explanation is a blown thermal fuse. No matter what the problem might be, you can trust our team to identify it and make sure your dryer starts properly.

  • The dryer is making lots of noise.

A small amount of noise coming from your dryer is normal. After all, your laundry is tumbling around in there. However, if your dryer sounds more like a dying chipmunk than an appliance, this is cause for concern. A squealing dryer is a sign that the bearings of your dryer motor are going bad. The bearings are the parts of the motor responsible for making the dryer motor turn.

Another possibility is that the idler pulley is not working correctly. The idler pulley puts tension on the drum belt to prevent it from slipping while the dryer spins. If this is the issue, you will hear more of a squeaking noise. Seiter Services LLC will save you from the guesswork and playing detective. Our team of sleuthing specialists will find the source of the noise quickly and resolve it efficiently.

  • The dryer is consistently producing wrinkled clothes at the end of its cycle.

Sometimes, consistently wrinkled clothing coming out of the dryer can be a user error. If you leave clothes in your machine for too long, or you overload the machine, wrinkles will naturally start to gather on your clothes. Shaking your clothes out when you remove them and doing lighter loads at a time can help this issue.

If you have tried these tactics and are still seeing wrinkled clothes, a problem with the inlet hose connection could be to blame. The “hot” and “cold” hoses should be connected to their respective inlet valves. When in doubt, Seiter Services LLC will work to help you kiss your wrinkly T-shirt days goodbye.

  • The dryer does not tumble properly.

The most common reason why a dryer isn’t spinning or tumbling properly is a broken drive belt. A functioning drive belt should create some resistance, so if you notice that the drum is turning with great ease, your belt is probably broken. If none of this makes sense, and the only belt you prefer to know is the kind that holds up your jeans, have no fear! Seiter Services LLC will get your dryer tumbling again as soon as possible.

  • The heat is not functioning in the dryer.

Heating is a pretty important part of the drying process. Your dryer needs heat in order to remove moisture from your laundry. If your dryer is not heating, it could be because the circuit breaker has tripped or the thermal overload has cut out. Other possible explanations are a clogged vent or lack of gas flow. No matter what the case might be, your dryer troubles are no match for our team – you can trust us to bring the heat!

  • The temperature of the dryer is too hot.

On the flip side, some of the same issues that can mess with the heat function in the dryer can also kick it into overdrive. For example, if your dryer is overheating, it could be because of a blocked vent or a failing thermostat, motor, or belt. One of the clearest hints that your dryer is overheating is a burning smell coming from the laundry. If hot air is trapped inside the drum of your dryer, it can be quite dangerous and even cause a fire. Fortunately, there is no need to panic and throw your dryer to the wind. Seiter Services LLC can help get to the root of the problem and keep your family safe.

  • It takes an abnormally long amount of time for clothes to dry.

Just like every person is different and completes daily tasks at their own pace, every dryer is different too. Each dryer will take a different amount of time to get the job done. On average, though, you can expect your laundry to take around 30-40 minutes to dry. If it is taking significantly longer, or your sweet spot for dryer timing is consistently increasing, you might be dealing with an airflow issue. Clogged dryer vents restrict airflow in the dryer, lengthening dryer times and even leading to dryer fires in some cases. Our dryer repair services will get your machine functioning at its best, which will save you time, protect those in your home, and allow you to focus on enjoying your life instead of troubleshooting dryer issues.

If you need a dryer repaired in the Dayton area, look no further than Seiter Services LLC! Call us at (937) 507-3372 or contact us online to schedule your service.

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