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Refrigerators have revolutionized the way we handle food in our homes. In the past, foods either needed to be consumed almost immediately or preserved through a process of drying or salting. Iceboxes gave us the ability to keep food safe by keeping it cold, but this meant continually purchasing and hauling large blocks of ice, making them expensive and difficult to run. Refrigerators are essentially mandatory for our day to day lives in the modern world, and that’s why going without your refrigerator for even a short time is both impractical and potentially dangerous.

If your refrigerator has stopped working properly, throwing it away and replacing it may not be necessary. At Seiter Services LLC, we offer refrigerator repair services that can get your unit up and running again. We use genuine replacement parts and some of the finest materials to solve your problem completely and get your refrigerator working again. Repairs can save you a bundle of money while also keeping your appliances that you know and love working like-new again. We even repair customized appliances from high-end manufacturers, ensuring you don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen just because one of your major pieces of equipment quit on you! Plus our Dayton refrigerator repair team members are all friendly, knowledgeable, and complete your service quickly so you can go back to storing your food safely once again as soon as possible.

Has your refrigerator quit on you? Is your system no longer keeping your food cold? Call Seiter Services LLC today at (937) 507-3372 to schedule your Dayton refrigerator repair.

We’ll Find & Fix Your Fridge Problems Today

Seiter Services understands refrigerators inside and out, and we’re proud to offer repairs that we know will solve your issue for good. While they are incredibly large, refrigerators all function on largely similar principles that are not that unlike your air conditioning system. Our technicians understand these systems inside and out, and can quickly and correctly identify your problem in order to fix it and get your fridge working again.

We fix all types of refrigerator problems, including:

  • Poor temperature control
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Lack of cold air
  • Excessive humidity
  • Rapid cycling
  • Strange smells
  • Loud noises

Refrigerators are a prime candidate to be repaired simply because their cost has risen substantially in the last few years. Because of all of the new technology and features that are found in most fridge models, buying a new refrigerator may be an expense you simply don’t have the funds to take on. Likewise, you may not want to give up your old refrigerator just because one component isn’t working properly anymore. Don’t replace your old fridge—fix it with help from the Dayton refrigerator repair experts at Seiter Services LLC!

Why Would A Refrigerator Suddenly Stop Working?

When A Refrigerator stops working the first thing to check is the breaker connected to the refrigerator. After that, if the refrigerator is still not working than it could be due to a number of reasons. The refrigerator could have stopped because the door is left open frequently, or the cold control is set too cold, something is blocking the flow of cold air, or the condensor coil needs cleaning.

We Fix All Types of Refrigeration Appliances in Dayton

In addition to refrigerators, Seiter Services LLC is also the name to call for other temperature and climate-controlling appliances in your home. Does your kitchen feature a specialized wine fridge that keeps your most treasured bottles at a consistent temperature and humidity? Our Dayton experts can fix these devices and keep your wine collection at its ideal conditions.

We also offer repairs and upgrade services for freezers and ice makers. When it comes to long-term food storage, nothing beats the convenience and effectiveness of a freezer, and Seiter Services can help you keep your freezer in peak condition. We service both refrigerator/freezer combos and standalone storage freezers that are popular in homes everywhere. We even offer repair services for ice makers!

Call Dayton’s leader in refrigerator repairs today! Contact Seiter Services LLC and let us get started with your repair service.

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