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Laundry used to be one of the most labor-intensive and uncomfortable chores around the house. Then the electric washing machine came about and changed everything. What used to be a chore that would take one person all day to do for an average-sized household suddenly became as easy as flipping a few dials or pressing some buttons. The ability to quickly and thoroughly clean clothes has led to improved health, better longevity of our clothing, and more time to take care of other household chores. However, if something goes wrong with your washing machine, you’ll be stuck hand-washing your clothes again, or at the very least going to a public laundromat.

Don’t get stuck without a washing machine—make the call to Seiter Services and let our Dayton applianceteam repair your broken unit for you. We service all makes and models from all major manufacturers, including leading names like Maytag, GE, Samsung, and more. We use genuine parts and premium materials for long-lasting fixes, and we understand the complexities of today’s technologically-advanced and efficient modern units. We take your needs seriously, and provide you with service that’s both reliable and personable. All of our techs are friendly and have been hand-selected for their skills in their trade. We believe this is how we earn your trust, and we’re determined to deliver on our promise of a satisfying experience each and every time.

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Signs You Need Your Washing Machine Repaired

Regardless of the frequency with which you do your laundry, your washing machine is an important appliance. But for how often you use your unit, are you familiar with the signs it is in need of repairs?

Give our techs a call if you notice any of the following:

  • Your washer is noisy when it operates: Do you hear a loud rumbling as your washing machine cycles? This could be the result of your unit being off balance. You could attempt to adjust the load to help balance your unit, but often these noises are caused by loose drums or motor mounts.
  • Water doesn't drain after a cycle finishes: When your washing machine completes a load, there shouldn't be water left in the drum. If there's still water after the cycle has finished, it could be due to a blocked pump or a clogged drain hose.
  • No water in the drum: While excess water left over after a cycle is an issue, so is no water entering the drum at all. This is because water is crucial for your washing machine to work. When water fails to enter the drum at the start of a load, it could be due to the fact that faucets aren't turned all the way or even a kink in the supply hose. Another possible cause is a clogged intake valve.
  • The drum does not spin: There are two possible causes if your drum stops spinning when you start your washer. First, it could be that there's an issue with the belt. However, it could also be due to an issue with the lid switch, which is a complicated repair that should only be done by trained professionals.
  • Your unit doesn't power on: A lack of power is typically the result of an electrical problem. These could be due to wiring issues or a problem with the electrical panel. To ensure your safety, do not atte

When we arrive, we will perform a thorough inspection to get to the bottom of the issue and perform the necessary repairs. Should a replacement be the better option, we will discuss the reasons with you and help you find a suitable unit that fits within your budget.

What’s Wrong with Your Washer?

Washing machines are fairly complex pieces of equipment that require a number of different specific parts. Not only do these parts need to be durable, but they also need to be robust and capable of handling a rather sizeable load. This is because your load of laundry isn’t necessarily the heaviest thing that your washer needs to be able to move quickly and precisely—it also needs to be able to move while containing a sizeable amount of extremely heavy water. Not to mention your washer drum itself is also rather heavy, as it’s made from thick sheets of metal.

We’ll fix all types of problems with your washing machine, including:

  • Broken washer motors
  • Broken or clogged water lines
  • Damaged motor belts
  • Electrical connection problems
  • Clogged drain lines
  • Loose or separated agitators
  • Damaged computers or control units

Washers have also taken advantage of a number of different technological advancements in order to improve how well they work while also reducing their consumption of resources like water and electricity. They have also created newer, stronger cycles that allow you to get cleaner clothes while using less detergent—helping you save money every time you need to run the washer. Whatever features your washer may have, our Dayton washing machine repair team can service them properly and keep your home functioning smoothly.

We Fix Dryers Too!

While you could dry your clothes by hanging them out in the sun, nobody wants to literally air their dirty laundry out for hours at a time. Outdoor air is dusty and winds could carry off your laundry if a gust kicks up. This is why we have electric dryers that take your wet clothes fresh from the wash cycle and dry them thoroughly and completely so they’re ready to wear almost immediately once again. Our Dayton team here at Seiter Services can repair dryer problems too. That means we offer services for your entire laundry combo, and can be counted on to deliver nothing short of an exceptional-quality solution when you need us the most.

Don’t live with a broken washing machine any longer than necessary! Get the help you need by contacting the Dayton washing machine repair experts at Seiter Services LLC today.

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