HVAC Home Automation Repairs & Installation in Dayton

HVAC Home Automation Upgrades in Dayton

Most new homes on the market today come equipped with home automation systems. That does not mean the latest technology is unavailable for existing homes, however. Quite the opposite is true. By replacing current household devices or appliances with automated units, homeowners can control their home's comfort and security levels from a remote location with ease.

A great example is your HVAC unit. If you’re still using a conventional system, reaching the perfect indoor climate can be difficult with an outdated dial or lever system to control your thermostat. With smart technology, you can pinpoint your ideal temperature, tweak it from a remote location or program your smart thermostat to adjust its setting at a specified time to make your home more comfortable upon arrival at the end of a long workday.

When you are ready to upgrade to an automated HVAC system, contact Seiter Services, LLC to handle the job. Our company has been in the HVAC business for years, so our technicians are very familiar with the different home automation options on the market today. Because we’re committed to providing our clients with the best products, Seiter Services is an authorized dealer and distributor of the Nest thermostat.

Seiter Services Features Nest Thermostats

Nest thermostats are designed to adapt to your unique heating and cooling needs. They’re programmed to operate on the most energy-efficient setting, as well as switch off when you’re away from your home in Dayton, Ohio or its surrounding communities throughout the Miami Valley. In addition, their frosted display shows you the current time, temperature, and weather conditions.

Three different types of Nest thermostats are available. These include:

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1. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the first thermostat to get an ENERGY STAR certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s a self-programming system that adjusts to your personal needs, as well as the changing seasons. It’ll also show you how much energy you’ve consumed on any given day so you can plan your energy usage better.

2. Nest Thermostat E

The Nest Thermostat E is designed to seamlessly blend with your home’s interior. It’s also more affordable than other home automated thermostats. You control it from the Nest app that’s installed on your phone. With a timely temperature tweak, you can come home to a cozy living room each time you return from work.

3. Nest Temperature Sensor

The Nest Temperature Sensor lets you control the temperature of individual rooms. You can also program the device to automatically change the temperature at a certain time of the day so you can sleep comfortably at night or return to a more comfortable home after an extended absence.

Let Seiter Services Automate Your Home Environment 

Everyone wants a more comfortable home environment on a consistent basis. A great way to make that happen is with home automation services, including a Nest thermostat from Seiter Services. Our technicians find, install and repair the perfect option for your home in the Greater Dayton, OH area. Contact us online or give us a call at 937-817-3237 to set up an appointment or learn more about our other home-improvement services.