Range/Stove Repairs in Greater Dayton, Ohio

Range/Stove Repair in Greater Dayton, Ohio 

The range or stove in your kitchen makes it easier to cook your meals so you want it to remain in optimum condition. With so much daily use, that can be difficult to achieve. Typical wear-and-tear issues lead to repairs, and those are best left to the proven professionals from Seiter Services.

Our certified technicians have a long, successful history of repairing ranges, stoves and other major appliances for homeowners in Dayton, OH and its surrounding communities. We are a family-owned, family-operated company with deep ties to the Miami Valley. For the past decade, we have repaired appliances, air conditioners, heaters and much more for our legions of satisfied customers.

Our service crews are comfortable working on multiple makes and models of ranges, but we do not repair Samsung appliances.

Key Issues to Monitor for Stove Repair

Your range or stove can be powered by electricity or natural gas. Regardless of which type of unit you own, many of the potential problems are the same. Key areas to monitor that could suggest you need a service call include: 

  • Malfunctioning burners
  • Non-responsive igniter or pilot light
  • Bad control module 
  • Blown fuse
  • Worn heating element
  • Inconsistent heat in oven or broiler

Count on Seiter Services to Repair Your Range or Stove

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When your range or stove is malfunctioning, contact Seiter Services, LLC online or give us a call at 937-817-3237. Our company has spent years repairing major appliances, including ranges and stoves, for our customers in Greene and Montgomery counties. We have earned an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard.