Heat Pump Repairs & Installation in Dayton, OH

Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Dayton, OH

You rely on your heat pump to keep your indoor climate pleasant. After all, this heating system works both ways by pumping cool or warm air throughout your home depending on the outside temperature. At some point, however, your heat pump will lose some energy-efficiency and start to develop problems. Likely causes include:

  • Wear-and-tear issues
  • Prolonged overuse
  • Poor installation and maintenance
  • Faulty installation

When your heat pump is inefficient or unresponsive, it is time to call Seiter Services to repair or replace your unit.

Seiter Services Will Care for Your Heat Pump

At Seiter Services, our company has years of experience servicing different kinds of heating systems. Our NATE-certified technicians are familiar with the various problems your heat pump can encounter and trained to remedy all issues. 

We offer many solutions designed to restore your heat pump back to its original condition. Our technicians are fully licensed to carry out the following services:

Heat Pump Repair

Seiter Services can handle anything that’s troubling your heating system, whether it’s an air leak or a damaged component. We’ll also work on your unit in the most efficient manner possible to minimize downtime for you and your family.

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Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

Depending on the age and state of your heat pump, it’s possible that replacement could be a more cost-effective solution than repairing an outdated model. Switching to a newer unit will offer more energy-efficiency and a more durable product with an extended life cycle.

For new systems, we include a conditional labor agreement with the purchase of any Bryant System. This agreement is 3, 5 or 10 years depending on which system is chosen.

When it comes to installation, our proven professionals have the skills and appropriate tools to ensure a prompt, hassle-free installation at a customer-friendly price.

Scheduled Heat Pump Maintenance

To ensure that you’ll be able to use your heat pump all year-round, our company can create a regular maintenance schedule for you. We’ll send our technicians to inspect your unit regularly so they can locate and address the early signs of damage. We can also give your existing unit several upgrades to improve its output and energy efficiency.

Let Seiter Services Upgrade your Heat Pump

When your heat pump needs attention, Seiter Services is the place to turn for repairs or replacement in the Greater Dayton area. Our service technicians are manufacturer-trained and our company has received an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard. Contact us online or give us a call at 937-817-3237 to learn more about our services.