Refrigerator Repairs in the Greater Dayton Area

Refrigerator Repair in the Greater Dayton Area

Your refrigerator may be the most essential appliance in your home. It prevents your food from spoiling by keeping meats, veggies, drinks and other goodies cool or frozen.

Because it is used multiple times each day by every member of your family, a refrigerator tends to be the major appliance that is most neglected by homeowners when it comes to routine maintenance. That can lead to repairs, which will require immediate attention because you don't want your food to spoil.

When you need repairs for your refrigerator, the name to know for homeowners in the Dayton, Ohio area is Seiter Services, LLC.  

Seiter Services is Your Proven Repair Source

Lots of companies do appliance repairs, but only Seiter Services offers our rare blend of certified technicians, superior services and added benefits to homeowners in Dayton and throughout the Miami Valley. When you hire Seiter Services, your benefits include:

  • A family-owned, family-operated company with deep local connections
  • A company with years of experience in appliance repairs
  • Certified technicians on every job
  • Comprehensive repair, installation and maintenance services

At Seiter Services, our licensed professionals are trained to work on a variety of major appliances and are comfortable servicing refrigerators of multiple makes and models. We can stop your leak, fix your icemaker, repair your condenser or clean your evaporator coil to make your unit more efficient.

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Has your refrigerator lost its ability to keep your food cool or frozen? Is a leaky condenser coil making it less efficient it should? Seiter Services can solve those issues, as well as any others that may surface with your unit. Our company has spent years repairing refrigerators and other major appliances in Dayton and throughout Greene and Montgomery counties. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 937-817-3237,