Why You Should Change Your Air Filters Regularly

A man holding an air filter below a ceiling air vent with the vent door open

As a homeowner, you might not prioritize changing your air filters regularly as long as you think your HVAC system is working properly. However, getting into the habit of changing your air filters will only benefit you, your home’s air quality, and the efficiency of your HVAC system.

With allergy season in full swing, it’s important to check your air filters every 30 days and change them at least every 60 to 90 days to ensure healthy indoor air for your home. In this blog, Seiter Services will be sharing a few reasons why it’s essential to change your air filters regularly. Keep reading to find out!

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

The amount of dust, dirt and other contaminants that build up in your air filters over time can take a serious toll on your home’s indoor air quality. These contaminants will eventually float around your home because your HVAC system will be pushing them out into the air. You definitely don’t want to breathe in these contaminants, especially during allergy season, so make sure you regularly check your filters and replace them once they are dirty. We recommend checking the filters more often if you have pets, as your pet’s hair and dander can fill up quickly in the filters.

Efficient HVAC System

Clean air filters will help make your HVAC system more efficient. Have you ever felt like your HVAC system wasn’t properly heating or cooling your home? A clogged air filter could be the reason why. When the filters are dirty, your home’s HVAC system will have difficulty pushing the air out due to the clogged filter. A clean air filter will result in a lower energy bill as well as an evenly heated or cooled home.

Helps with Seasonal Allergies

If you struggle with seasonal allergies, you already know that the outdoors can trigger your symptoms, so why have your indoor air at home trigger your symptoms too? You might not be able to control the pollen outside, but you can control the quality of your home’s air by regularly changing your AC filters.

At Seiter Services, we prioritize the comfort of our customers in their homes, so we want to make sure you are following these AC filter tips for the healthiest air quality possible. If you haven’t scheduled your seasonal AC maintenance appointment yet, now is the time to do so! Keeping up with seasonal maintenance and replacing your air filters will have your HVAC system working like new. Give us a call at (937) 507-3372 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your maintenance appointment today.

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