The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List

Woman cleaning

Most households tend to do a thorough clean-up at least once a year to get rid of accumulated dirt, grime, and even service and repair some of the damaged appliances in the home. Spring cleaning is mostly done in the cold seasons, with several homes opting for spring or winter to get their homes in perfect shape after the cold season. To get it right, most homeowners rely on cleaning firms to do a full work up of the entire home, both the interior and exterior.

For the entire exercise to go smoothly and effectively, you need to move in stages. Here is a guideline on the different parts of the home and what to do in the rooms.

General home cleaning

Before getting to scrapping and scrubbing, you can start with the basics, such as picking up trash on the floor, stacking old mail, books, and magazines. Keeping away some of the seasonal equipment that you are not using at the time. With all the material lying around safely arranged and kept away, you can begin to dust surfaces like furniture, kitchen counters, and vacuuming floors.

The next step is cleaning the walls, baseboards, windows, and screens. Take out the carpets and rugs if you have any and clean them thoroughly. Check the batteries of smoke detectors and check if the fire alarm system is in good condition before proceeding to clean the air vents. When done, clean the light fixtures, fans, valances and wipe down light switches.

Kitchen cleaning

This is probably the most-used section of your house that needs a lot of attention. The first thing to do when cleaning the kitchen is clean and disinfect every surface in the kitchen, including behind the appliances and inside cabinets. After that, you can rearrange your cutlery and pantry to remove any expired materials and other things taking up too much space. Polish the cabinets and cupboards to get rid of any stains.

You now move to the next step, which involves deep cleaning the kitchen appliances. Start with the oven to remove the grease and the accumulated food substances. To clean your refrigerator, start by getting rid of all the old food, then wipe and disinfect all the shelves and drawers in the fridge.

Remove the stovetop grates and clean them thoroughly before cleaning the sink’s tap. Replace all the cleaning sponges, then disinfect the trash cans and recycling bins.

Bathroom cleaning

After the kitchen, this is the dirtiest part of the house, housing various germs. To clean the bathroom, you can start by getting rid of the old beauty products and cleaning linens and towels. Once you are done with the accessories, you can now give the tub, toilet, and shower all the attention—deep clean by scrubbing using the cleaning solutions at your disposal. Once done, you can then disinfect every surface of the bathroom. Scrub the showerhead to remove any accumulated grime.

Whiten and clean the tile grout, then wipe down the mirrors. The next step is cleaning the drainage system and de-clogging to prevent a further clog build-up. Remove the sink’s filter and clean it to remove any accumulated materials. You can now clean/replace the shower curtain liner with every surface, organize the bathroom cabinet and closet by removing and replacing used bottles and towels.

Bedroom cleaning

Before going any further, start by getting rid of your pillow, especially if you have used it for at least two years. Cleaning the bedroom involves a lot of washing, starting with your linen, blankets, sheets, duvets, comforters, and mattress pads. You can decide to fluff the pillows or replace them entirely. Once you are done with the washing, you can sort and arrange the clothes and shoes in the respective closets, wardrobes, and drawers.

Living room

This room is marked by the electrical equipment that brings the household together, television. Get down to the nearest store and get a screen cleaning wipe and a non-toxic cleaning solution to clean off oils, dirt, and fingerprints from the television. Disinfect the TV remote. You even use a blower to get the dust out of the television; however, you may need the help of a technician for this.

Vacuum clean under the seats and cushions. Flip the sofa cushions and fluff the pillows if necessary. If the cushions are worn out, you can repair or replace them.

Cleaning the garage

The first thing to do is to sort and organize the tools and cabinets in the garage. With everything in order, you can wash the floors and walls to get rid of stains. Cleaning the garage is not complete until you clean your car too. Start by washing your car, then vacuum and clean the interior, making sure you remove the stain on the seats, car boot, and even the dashboard.

Cleaning the home office

If you have computers and laptops in your office, you can start by wiping the screens using recommended tech wipes and sprays. Organize your documents, filing them appropriately while getting rid of old files, shredded papers, newspapers, and magazines that you no longer need. Sort out your mail, organize your calendar and finish by untangling cords.